b-hivetravel.com™ Built to Manage $20.6 Billion In Unmanaged Business Travel Spend: Free Business Travel Management Tool Provides $52 Average Savings per Air Ticket and Access to Vital Cost Analysis Information

Waterloo, IA – November 8, 2011 – b-hivetravel.com estimates that more than 190,000 companies have travel spend of $500,000 in airfare alone, totaling $20.6 billion in air sales.  The business problem is that most of these travel expenses are unmanaged and b-hivetravel.com addresses that issue.

“Other websites are designed for the everyday leisure traveler, but b-hivetravel.com is designed specifically with unmanaged business travel in mind,” said David LeCompte, president of b-hivetravel.com and Short’s Travel Management.  “We are able to track unused tickets and provide management reporting capabilities that allow any size company to take control of their travel spend.  Companies can immediately start saving about $52 per ticket and we can get them set up within 24 hours.”

The website allows travelers to book travel and allows companies to effectively manage travel policy compliance through reporting tools and cost comparisons, among others.  It helps small and mid-sized companies that need to better manage their travel, but cannot afford one of the larger and more expensive travel management tools currently on the market.  Signing up for and using the service is free.

Some of the exclusive features that b-hivetravel.com offers include:

  • Tabbed flight searching to compare fares for alternate airports or dates, something not seen in a site built for business travelers
  • “FindIt” tool which helps find the most cost effective travel date for your exact flight itinerary
  • Badge view display for easy searching and comparison of airlines, hotels and car rentals
  • Ability to easily switch between badge and list views so a user can utilize whichever display method they find easiest
  • Always present and collapsible price comparison matrix so that the user doesn’t have to keep scrolling to the top of the screen for a summary of their travel options
  • Toggle between multiple class of service fares for each international itinerary
  • Traveler preferences displayed along with corporate preferred so travel managers can use their best judgment when booking travel
  • Easy car comparison of multiple vendors car types on one screen without scrolling
  • Easy point and click hotel map searching

Companies interested in learning more are encouraged to visit www.b-hivetravel.com or send an email to info@b-hivetravel.com.  A free online demonstration is available.

About b-hivetravel.com:

b-hivetravel.com is a no-fee online service helping small and mid-sized companies better manage their travel investment while providing an easy-to-use site for corporate travelers to book air, car and hotel.  b-hivetravel.com is a sister company of Short’s Travel Management and more information is available at www.b-hivetravel.com or via email at info@b-hivetravel.com.

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