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ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL. September 19, 2006 –   With the government mandating a standard file format for communicating eligibility/enrollment data to insurance carriers, employers have been struggling to force their systems to create the required files. 


Benefit Express has released a new tool for its clients that immensely simplifies this complicated process.  For smaller clients, 834 compliant export files can be created within minutes, by an administrator (not a programmer), simply by answering a series of questions.  For the most complex account structures, the process to create the file can be accomplished within a single day. 


Once implemented, processors use “My Carrier Exporter” to generate carrier files with a push of a button.  They can then immediately send these files on to the carriers – improving both the frequency and reliability of the data sent to each provider.  Results:  improved employee satisfaction, timely receipt of carrier ID cards and reduction in issues related to coverage eligibility.


Benefit Express is the only company to automate this time consuming data communications process to this degree and it is expected to condense weeks of work to just a few hours.



About Benefit Express:

Benefit Express focuses on solutions for the administration of Human Resources/benefits programs. With the company’s My Benefit Express™ self-service platform, clients have direct access to customized content delivery, enrollment assistance, employee benefit education tools, transactional administrative processing/tracking, carrier billing reconciliation, Carrier data-links and detailed HR reporting. More information about Benefit Express is available at

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