Cornerstone Conference May 17 Includes Non-Customers:Competitive CEOs and Others to Discuss Travel Industry Issues and Plans

Bloomington, Indiana – April 11, 2006:  When is a Customer’s Conference not a Customer’s Conference?  When you invite non-customers and, even more dramatically, when you invite the CEOs of competitive companies to share the stage and allow them to give their viewpoint.  The Cornerstone Conference “Crossing the Chasm” will do just that and more on May 17 to 19 at the Peachtree Conference Center in Peachtree City, Georgia. 


“The Cornerstone Conference is not only a way for corporate travel professionals to enhance their own skill sets and resources, but it’s an opportunity for the community of customers to come together to share insights and ideas on important travel management issues,” said Mat Orrego, president and CEO of Cornerstone.  “We started inviting non-customers in 2001 to give those interested in Cornerstone an in-depth look at how we operate and serve our customers with generosity and personalized attention.”


The response from the 2005 Conference was a spontaneous endorsement for the 2006 event: “The conference was educational and rejuvenating. The opportunity to network with other Cornerstone customers and associates is invaluable. The atmosphere was very conducive to learning and sharing,” said Heather Lewis from The Travel Authority.  ”It was my first conference and it was excellent! I can’t wait until next year’s conference,” said Lisa Stanford from ConocoPhillips.


One not-to-be-missed session is the Travel Technology CEO Roundtable taking place on Friday, May 19th.  This event will include Jon Farrier, CEO of GDSX and Trip Davis, CEO of TRX joining Mr. Orrego in a lively discussion about the past, present and near future of travel technology. 


“We’re here to empower our customers, to talk about the tough challenges in the industry and to help make our customers as successful as possible,” added Orrego.  “The CEO Roundtable will transcend product lines to be an honest discussion of the issues at hand and how to best approach them.”


Sessions will not only cover Cornerstone applications and services but will offer in-depth information on topics such as How to Manage Exceptions, which teaches attendees how to harness the power of technology to handle specific customer issues.  The session titled Addressing Business Process Challenges will address some common yet complex business process challenges that occur when making a reservation and guidance on how to implement solutions to these challenges.


Another rising topic in the ever-changing travel industry will be addressed as well.  In a session titled, “It’s Not About Distribution, It’s About Content,” David Cerino of Farelogix will be discussing GNEs (GDS New Entrants) and how they may truly revolutionize the travel distribution process.


“Total content is a key make or break issue for the travel industry.  Particularly now with the diversification of content sources, travel professionals need to be able to access, understand and integrate the information available to truly be of service to their client,” said David Cerino, chief marketing officer for Farelogix.  “My session will give participants the evaluation tools and strategies they need to stay ahead of their clients and of their competitors to win the information game.”


Two workshops will also be available for customers to take full advantage of what Cornerstone has to offer and better understand the trends that affect travel.  The first workshop is a highly interactive session that shows customers what their Cornerstone applications can do and what other customers have accomplished using the system.  The second workshop will divulge the results of the Cornerstone Customer Results Survey and will include an active discussion about the topics that were indicated as those that matter the most. 


More information about the Cornerstone Customers Conference is available at or by calling Alan Minton at (812) 269-0014.


About Cornerstone Information Systems, Inc.

What if you could do double the work in half the time?  This is what Cornerstone Information Systems accomplishes for their customers by handling the technology side of business so their customers can focus all their attention on their core competencies with the passion and drive that leads to success.  As a leading professional services company, Cornerstone helps travel management companies, corporate travel departments, airline and global distribution systems work to their fullest and most profitable potential.  Founded in 1992, Cornerstone Information Systems is a privately-held company based in Bloomington, Indiana with offices in eight locations worldwide. Further information about the company is available at or by calling Alan Minton at (812) 269-0014.

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