LawyerLink Becomes First Chicago-based Preferred Staffing Provider for Kroll Ontrack

Chicago, IL –March 27, 2008:  As electronic communications continue to increase, the need for e-discovery review experts to support the overall legal discovery process is also on the rise.  Companies need e-discovery review experts with the experience, space and tools to effectively manage the seemingly endless number of documents that may contain information.  With this in mind, LawyerLink LLC has partnered with Kroll Ontrack® to provide additional training to their already exceptional e-discovery review specialists.


Now certified as a Preferred Staffing Provider, LawyerLink recently hosted advanced Kroll Ontrack® Inview™ training sessions at their new 15,000 sq. ft. document review center in the Sears Tower.  More than 40 contract attorney candidates attended the two 2-hour training sessions as part of the program, and the candidates received training in all aspects of document review specific to the Ontrack Inview review tool, making them more marketable to law firms and corporations. 


“We’ve worked closely with Kroll to develop this relationship and we were the first company in Chicago to be given this enviable designation,” said Jennifer Bertoglio, President and CEO of LawyerLink LLC.  “We now have an even deeper pool of trained candidates ready to go at a moments notice when a client has chosen Kroll Ontrack as its e-Discovery partner.”


“Uniformity in the coding of documents is an extremely important aspect of the projects that we manage,” explained Michael Hagemann, a LawyerLink Project Manager.  “When a large number of reviewers are looking at different parts of a case, inconsistencies can occur.  For this reason, I was impressed by the topic review tool, which takes a review set and groups similar or related documents together.  It allows a project manager to match a reviewer to a particular document set based on that reviewer’s skill level or area of expertise, translating into increased efficiency and accuracy.” 


“In a recent study of its discovery projects, Kroll found that on average, a reviewer using its Ontrack Inview online repository tool reviewed approximately 60 documents per hour. However, depending on review practices and features utilized within Ontrack Inview – such as topic review, searching, and mass categorization – some review teams typically experience review rates much higher, approximately 200-300 documents per hour.”  Kroll Ontrack Inview User News, “From the Reviewer’s Room – How many Documents Per Hour?” (April, 2007). 


“The review process should flow more quickly and logically because the software has the ability to automatically group together similar documents,” observed Jacy Schoen, a team leader for LawyerLink.  “This will increase the reviewer’s speed and accuracy during the substantive coding phase by allowing documents to be viewed by the appropriate team member upon the first viewing, saving the time it takes for multiple team members to view and forward documents that they might not have an appropriate background to understand.  For example, documents containing privileged topics can be reviewed by our designated privilege team, while documents containing scientific or technical matter can be reviewed by team members with the corresponding background to fully comprehend the material.”       


About LawyerLink, LLC.

LawyerLink is a company of lawyers serving lawyers.  Founded in 2005, LawyerLink delivers top talent for temporary and permanent placements within law firms and corporate legal departments.   They specialize in e-discovery and project management, and recently built an unprecedented 90-station dedicated review facility in downtown Chicago.  More information about LawyerLink is available at or by calling (312) 962-5750.


About Kroll Ontrack Inc.

Kroll Ontrack, Inc. provides large-scale electronic and paper-based discovery, computer forensics, and data recovery solutions to help companies, law firms, and government agencies quickly and economically review, manage and produce relevant evidence.  More information can be found at

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