Lighthouse Consulting, Inc., Negotiates Contract Renewal for World Travel, Inc.: Strategic Procurement Consultant Saves Time and Effort

Deerfield, IL – November 2, 2010 – World Travel, Inc. has, for the first time in its history, turned to a consulting firm to help them negotiate a new GDS contract.  World Travel Inc., is listed as the number four travel management company according to BTN and the company had gone through negotiations with GDS’ before, but this time felt turning to Lighthouse Consulting, Inc., would alleviate much of the stress and time consumption that goes along with contract negotiations.  After reviewing multiple GDS offerings the result was that World Travel signed a 5-year agreement with one they had been with for a number of years.  

“The benefits of using Lighthouse amounted to a tremendous savings in time and effort,” said George Gadebusch, chief information officer of World Travel, Inc.  “We had to manage the negotiations ourselves in the past and with Lighthouse we could rely on their expertise in the industry and their analysis of the smallest details to ensure the best outcome for everyone.  Using Lighthouse helped us deal with multiple proposals from different GDS providers.” 

Lighthouse uses strategic sourcing methodology to optimize client-supplier relationships and agreement performances. Lighthouse’s best sourcing practice includes market and supply analysis, RFP management, price negotiations, contract recommendations, supplier evaluation, and new supplier transition support when needed.  

“Key aspects of travel industry supplier sourcing change daily and most agreements are three to five years in length and there are countless areas of contract improvement to consider,” said Wayne Urbanek, principal at Lighthouse Consulting, Inc.  “Most companies lack the internal resources to conduct the appropriate strategic sourcing with their suppliers to get the most favorable agreement.  We work with travel suppliers daily to bring experience and subject matter expertise so our clients can make informed decisions, meet their overall objectives, and realize bottom-line improvements.”


About Lighthouse Consulting, Inc.: Lighthouse Consulting is travel industry services firm providing sourcing and procurement expertise to travel management companies and corporations.   Lighthouse delivers structure, processes, tools, analysis, and benchmarking coupled with a project plan so company management can be more competitive in sourcing decisions and be able to move beyond conventional procurement methodology and realize innovative bottom line return on investment. For more information about Lighthouse contact 847.549.8548. 


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