Magellan360 Business Web Improves Agent Efficiency and Productivity

Glen Ellyn, IL—February 5, 2008 – Magellan360 recently launched a new web-based service that improves the efficiency and productivity of its independent affiliates.  The new product, Magellan360 Business Web, provides information and tools needed by today’s travel professional.  


“Magellan360 Business Web gives our affiliates management tools like destination and product training schedules, booking forms and supplier contacts,” said Pam Miller, CTC, president of Magellan360,  “This service helps us respond more quickly and effectively to changes throughout the business day and communicate as soon as we have important information.”


“I’ve already posted information on the discussion forums and think that having access to the commissions and sales information is tremendously valuable,” says Marci Halverson, a Magellan360 affiliate and owner of Coast to Coast Travel, an agency specializing in selling cruises.  “Business Web will really be able to connect the affiliates with each other in a way that I think will be very helpful.”


“I like the fact that the website has just important information that I can use as an agent,” says Fred Munroe, sole proprietor of Travel with Fred, a Magellan360 affiliate and travel agency.  “You don’t have lots of animation and graphics to clutter up things.”


Some of the tools Business Web provides are:

  • Agent commissions and monthly sales – Affiliates can instantly see, as frequently as they want, exactly how much they are selling and how much commission they will be receiving.
  • Magellan360’s supplier’s list – Affiliates have access to important supplier contact information when they need to make a booking.
  • Forums – Affiliates can communicate with other affiliates and exchange valuable information by posting topics on the discussion forum.
  • Online training – Previously, training was accessible only through the Magellan360 webinars at set times. Now Magellan360 training programs are accessible anytime.
  • Online forms –Online forms allow affiliates to fill out forms online and submit them electronically for faster response.
  • Trip Builder – Affiliates can book travel directly from Business Web and invoice using Trip Builder rather than a GDS.
  • Live chat – This connects Magellan’s affiliates to staff in a real-time chat to get answers questions or receive assistance.
  • Calendar – This shows all industry events, as well as those that Magellan360 participates in, which allows affiliates to add events for their tracking and coordination.
  • Expense manager, task manager and contact manager – Allows affiliates track their expenses, important projects and contacts. 


Magellan360 adapted The Travel Zone’s technology to develop Business Web.  They plan to update and upgrade Business Web by responding quickly to requests and suggestions from their affiliates.  Some planned upgrades include a marketing tab that allows affiliates to download marketing materials and put them on their own letterhead for direct mail or electronic promotions.


About Magellan360:

Magellan360 supplies technology and services to independent travel professionals and agencies to make them more profitable.  Magellan’s “touchless” fulfillment technology on-line and agent-based transactions demonstrate its market leadership in using technology to grow profits.  Magellan is viewed as a boutique style company creating new value in the travel distribution business by balancing high-tech with personal consultative services to a limited number of professional partners.  More information about Magellan360 is available by calling (800) 360-6208 or by visiting .

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