New Egypt Tour DVD Available from Ya’lla Tours USA and Egyptian Tourist Authority: Video Will Be Available on Company Website and Via Free DVDs to Travel Agencies

Portland, OR – August 3, 2010 – The free “Day with the Pharaohs” video is now available on the Ya’lla Tours USA website and will soon be available on DVD.  The video follows a basic Egypt tour to Cairo, Luxor, Aswan and Abu Simbel.  Similar itineraries are available via Ya’lla with their Deluxe Tour of Egypt and Taste of Egypt, both of which take nine days.  The video will be up on the Ya’lla Tours USA website and will be available free by request as a DVD after August 1.

“The destinations we feature are very stunning visually and in order to sell our tours videos and DVDs really help amplify the impact,” said Ronen Paldi, president of Ya’lla Tours USA. “This DVD is a very important tool for our agents as it shows the wonders tourists will see when they visit Egypt.  It is also important to note that the video was made in cooperation with the Egyptian Tourist Authority which shows that the information presented is truly authentic.”

Although the 15 minute video opens with a sunrise and closes with a sunset, the amount of traveling needed to see everything in the video would certainly take more than a day.  For those looking to view the video before it is available as a DVD they can visit the company website at  The DVD is free to travel agents and agencies interested in showing their customers what Ya’lla Tours has to offer.  Those who are interested in obtaining the DVD once it is available can contact Ya’lla Tours USA at 800 644 1585 or visit their website.

About Ya’lla Tours USA
Founded in 1993, Ya’lla Tours USA delivers life-changing travel experiences in many exotic Mediterranean destinations such as Egypt, Morocco, Israel, Turkey, Jordan and Greece. Ya’lla Tours USA is also the only wholesale tour company licensed by the US Treasury to operate legal travel to Cuba. More information on Ya’lla, which means “let’s go” in Hebrew and Arabic, is available at or by calling 800 644 1595.


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