Only Faux You Increases Service Capacity 50%

Palatine, IL – July 18, 2005:  Only Faux You, a decorative painting company focused on providing custom finishes, just announced its launch of full-time dedication to providing service to residential and commercial customers.  Sharon Damisch, president of Only Faux You, has been in the decorative painting business for more than 10 years and has built an impressive portfolio.


Damisch launched the company in 2002 while still maintaining a full-time corporate job.  Because of the overwhelming success of Only Faux You, Damisch is now working full-time to meet current client demands while continuing to accept new clients.


Damisch studied at the Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes and is certified in more than 50 finishes, including the application of SkimStone®, which is the latest color and texture surface enhancement for concrete floors and laminate tops.  The finishes that Damisch creates bring life to any room, and have been used by realtors and home sellers to enhance property sales value.


“Many people are afraid to commit to color and texture for fear that they will quickly grow tired of it. What they may not realize, is that walls of color actually make the furnishings in the room look better. Woods look richer and textiles really stand out. Add the subtle activity of a custom finish to the wall, and the whole room comes to life. I’ve had clients tell me they had no idea their furniture and fabrics looked so beautiful until they saw them against the decorative finished walls or floor,” said Damisch.


Only Faux You fills a very distinctive place in the interior design industry by centering on the creation of truly custom finishes that demand attention in any room.  Damisch works closely with others in the industry including interior designers, builders, and architects, always with the goal of providing the customer with a space with which they can be proud.


“I especially enjoy being an industry partner to interior designers as they are qualified through education, experience and certification. Interior designers understand the aesthetic value a decorative finish can bring to their client’s space,” added Damisch.


Only Faux You not only works to benefit property owners and generate local industry, but also to give back to the community through donations of time.  Damisch volunteers her talents and skills in decorative design to help construct sets for local theatre productions and beautify the interiors of churches.


About Only Faux You

Only Faux You is a custom finishing company working in residential and commercial spaces and providing services to consumers, builders, architects, and interior designers.  For more information on Only Faux You, call (847) 224-0707 or visit

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