Portaga and Farelogix Partner to Provide Complete Travel Booking and Distribution Management Solution:Integrated Solution Solves the Complexities and Risks of New GDS Content Deals and Booking Fees by Airlines

CHICAGO—July 17,  2006—NBTA 2006 International Convention and Exposition—Portaga Inc. today announced a partnership with Farelogix Inc. that will provide travel management companies (TMC) and corporations, as well as suppliers, with a comprehensive booking and distribution management solution that addresses the complexities of automated bookings and distribution. An integrated solution will be available in 4Q 2006.


“The Portaga vision has always been to provide a simple desktop and web-based booking solution where the distributor has total control of content configuration for the end user; whether GDS, GNE, Direct Connect, web content or other external sources.  The Farelogix FLX Platform is an alternative distribution solution that provides such capabilities,” said Robert Kost, CEO & Founder of Portaga. 


By partnering with Farelogix, Portaga can deliver a fully integrated desktop travel agent solution that becomes part of the traveler or travel arranger’s normal workflow, and provides the supplier, distributor and travel buyer with the flexibility to easily access content from multiple distribution sources, and the ability to configure content at an agency or customer level.  The FLX platform also enables the TMC to make changes ‘on the fly’. 


“When Portaga and Farelogix began discussions early in 2006, it was clear to both organizations that a combined solution would provide incredible value to the marketplace,” said Kost.  “We have years of experience developing integrated solutions for a number of industries, including travel. When we saw the power of the Farelogix FLX Platform as the back-end of our unique booking and scheduling solution, it was the obvious choice among the alternatives.”


“With American Airlines’ recent announcement of its plan to charge $3.50 per segment for non-preferred distribution channels, coupled with new programs like Sabre’s EAS, we realized that we will have an option for both the TMC and supplier to manage the complexities of the ever evolving distribution and content matrix,” explained Kost.





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Farelogix enables TMCs to source travel content against a limitless number of flexible rules-based criteria, such as: lowest cost to the supplier (competitive booking source); best economics to the agency (segment incentives); and best content source according to supplier (i.e. Web site). These rules are established in the Farelogix Distribution Manager (DM) and can be managed at the level of agency location, customer, city pair and any other combination.  The integrated solution enables a customer to monitor and manage contractual commitments made to their customers, GDS, and suppliers.  For example, rules can be set to ensure that the appropriate GDS bookings are met, or that a minimum number of bookings per month are made via a particular source of content.


“Farelogix consistently focuses on total content, flexibility, and optimization and now we begin enabling a powerful online application like Portaga’s Desktop Travel Manager,” said Jim Davidson, CEO of Farelogix.


As Executive Director for Travel Management Alliance (TMA), a group of nine large regional travel management companies, predominately Sabre and all serving large American Airlines market share customers, Chris Dane understands as much as anyone the significance of the Portaga/Farelogix combination for his members.  As a former American Airlines sales executive, he also sees the value of this tool set to the national sales organization of American. “When I learned about what Portaga was doing a year ago, it was clear to me that the solution was a must have for TMA members.  We were the first major travel consortia to sign and a number of our members have helped shape Portaga’s solution, both the user and agency administrate tools.  I learned of the Farelogix partnership some time ago, and we were pleased to see the capabilities of their FLX Platform being added.  Now, it gives us a clear edge over the competition.”  The TMA membership has immediate access to technology with will help them adapt to both the carrier imposed fees, which represent an increased cost to the corporation of around $11.00 per passenger reservation, as well as assist them managing the complexities of Sabre’s EAS agreement. 


Portaga solutions include the Portaga desktop travel agent, which installs a travel button on a user’s desktop, enabling the user to easily book reservations with a single click directly from Microsoft Outlook.  The platform is embedded into the desktop or PDA and integrates seamlessly with calendaring, e-mail and expense reporting applications.  The result is an intelligent agent that can help better manage a traveler’s itineraries in the environment he or she is accustomed to.  Initially launched on a Sabre platform last year, Portaga will be providing all GDS, GNE, web content and ancillary services and content to support the travel booking process in early 4Q 2006. 


About Portaga Inc.

Portaga Inc., formerly Realtime Enterprises, is the premier provider of patent-pending Smart Connect travel management applications.  The company was recognized as a technology up-and-comer at the 2005 DEMO! Conference.  Portaga is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner and a member of the Open Travel Alliance (OTA).  Customers and partners include Avis/Cendant, Sabre, The Travel Management Alliance, Atlas Travel International, Hickory Travel Systems, OpenTable, TRIP Insurance and nine well regarded travel companies across the U.S. For more information visit www.portaga.com.


About Farelogix Inc.

Farelogix is a leading provider of lower-cost, multi-source distribution and independent faring technology to the global travel industry.  The company’s FLX™ platform aggregates content from all four major Global Distribution Systems, as well as airline, private and Internet fare sources, while its sophisticated pricing technology enables comparative shopping across sources. Farelogix was founded in 1998 and counts among its customers some of the largest travel companies in Canada and the United States including Navigant International, American Express, and Carlson Leisure Group Services. Farelogix has offices in Toronto, Canada and Miami, Florida. For additional information, visit www.farelogix.com.

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