Short’s Bookit Tool Embraces Renegade Traveler Behavior: Travelers Use the Sites they Love, Companies Keep the Control they Need

Waterloo, IA – December 6, 2011 – A recent Short’s Travel Management study showed that 64.9% of business travelers research their travel options on consumer sites prior to booking with Short’s.  The “Bookit” tool allows the business traveler to search for a flight across multiple travel websites in the office or while mobile, and then automatically reserve the flight through Short’s STO 3.0 online booking tool.


Travelers can use any consumer site or mobile app that lets the user share or email their flight selection.  For example with OntheFlyä, ITA’s mobile app a business traveler can email their flight choice to and within three clicks have the trip purchased within company policy, with any applicable discounts, with reporting data captured and unused tickets managed.  Bookit also saves the traveler time by eliminating the need to call a counselor or the replication of having to conduct another search on the online corporate booking tool, and they can do it on the road using their favorite mobile sites, as well.


“Travelers are drawn to consumer sites because they are so good at doing searches.  With this, they can use the consumer sites while Short’s helps manage the data behind the scenes,” said David LeCompte, CEO of Short’s Travel Management.  “Bookit saves time, money and frustration for everyone and helps manage those employees who need to travel more often effectively.”


Once business travelers email the flight that they want to, the reservation is automatically emailed back to the traveler and includes the same or better flight, if any are available.  The tool will save the average business traveler about eight minutes per booking, which equates to about 1,400 to 1,500 hours per year for a $5 million air spend company.


The service will be made available for those who are already Short’s Travel Management’s STO customers on December 8, 2011 and for all other customers by the end of 2011.   Those already signed up with Short’s Travel need not fill out any additional forms or agreements for the service.  The service will also be made available to users of the free online travel management site


About Short’s Travel Management:

Short’s Travel Management is a full-service travel management company focused on innovation and service.  They work extensively in both corporate travel and sports team travel and their products and services enable companies of all sizes to more effectively manage their travel investment.  Short’s Travel Management can be reached at 888-625-0209 or at

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