Short’s Travel Management Makes Saving Money on Corporate Travel Easier the with Release of STO 3.0

Waterloo, IA – November 8, 2011 – Short’s Travel Management’s new Short’s Travel Online (STO) 3.0 is a dramatically revamped version of their travel management tool. “The new tool is more user-friendly and adaptable to any work environment,” said David LeCompte, president of Short’s Travel Management.  “With STO 3.0, corporate travelers will be able to easily compare their travel options and dramatically impact their company’s savings.”

Some of the exclusive features that STO 3.0 offers include:

  • Tabbed flight searching to compare fares for alternate airports or dates, something not seen in a site built for business travelers
  • “FindIt” tool which helps find the most cost effective travel date for your exact flight itinerary
  • Badge view display for easy searching and comparison of airlines, hotels and car rentals
  • Ability to easily switch between badge and list views so a user can utilize whichever display method they find easiest
  • Always-present and collapsible price comparison matrix so that the user doesn’t have to keep scrolling to the top of the screen for a summary of their travel options
  • Toggle between multiple class of service fares for each international itinerary
  • Traveler preferences displayed along with corporate preferred so travel managers can use their best judgment when booking travel
  • Easy car comparison of multiple vendors car types on one screen without scrolling
  • Easy point and click hotel map searching

Short’s Travel Management has also launched a sister company called based on the new STO 3.0 platform.  The no-fee website helps smaller and mid-sized companies who aren’t currently managing their travel make better spending decisions.  Travelers can use the site to book travel and companies can effectively manage their policy compliance through reporting tools and cost comparisons, among others.  Signing up for and using the service is free.

Business travelers or travel managers interested in learning more about STO 3.0 can visit, email or call 888-625-0209.  A free online demonstration is available.

About Short’s Travel Management:

Short’s Travel Management is a full-service travel management company focused on innovation and service.  They work extensively in both corporate travel and sports team travel and their products and services enable companies of all sizes to more effectively manage their travel investment.  Short’s Travel Management can be reached at 888-625-0209 or at

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