The NEW Sales Call – Magellan360 Launches Agent Education Program:Brown Bag Lunch Program Dynamically Connects Suppliers and Sellers

Home based agents are the fastest growing sector of the travel industry and suppliers continue to try new ways to reach this sector.  Magelllan360 has addressed this need with a new format for discussion – the Magellan360 Brown Bag Lunch Program, a web-based demonstration and discussion lead by an invited supplier speaking to groups of 10 travel agents. 


“I’ve attended every Brown Bag that has been offered and I think it is a great way to connect both with suppliers and with peers,” said Lisa Mazzaca, owner of  “This allows a dialogue that gets questions answered and gets conversation started that can lead to real understanding and real sales.”


“I’ve worked with many home based agents, but this was the first time I was able to demonstrate from my Web site,” said Bonnie O’Neil, district sales manager for TravelSafe insurance.  “I cover seven Midwestern states and 25% of my 50 top producing accounts are home based.  Meeting new and potential clients in forums such as Magellan’s help me connect with interested, motivated sellers.”


“We’ve created a forum that takes virtual meetings from being a one-sided demonstration to a more dynamic, more memorable conversation,” said Scott Ahlsmith, CTC, President and CEO of Magellan Travel Technologies.  “We know that selling travel is about selling experiences, so we’ve taken that one step further to make sourcing travel also about experiences.  We think that Magellan360’s Brown Bag program provides meaningful experiences and exchanges between suppliers and capable, interested sellers.”


Suppliers that have already participated in the program are and Magellan President Scott Ahlsmith.  Future Brown Bag lunches are open to all Magellan360 affiliates and take place twice a month.  The meetings are provided free of charge and require reservations.  Attendees are limited 10 participants to facilitate information exchange.  The software used is and is available as a free trial download.


About Magellan Travel Technologies, Inc.:

Magellan Travel Technologies, the parent company of Magellan360, was established in 2001 after acquiring Magellan Technologies, the developer of NetAgent GDS Connectivity.  Magellan Travel Technologies offers a wide spectrum of travel industry products and services including ticket fulfillment, host agency support, GDS access, and customized travel intranets and extranets.  More information Magellan Travel Technologies is available by calling (888) 683-8868, visiting the Web site at or writing to

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