Travel Experts Adopts Entire Ship + Shore Travel Agency Team

Travel ExpertsRALEIGH, NC – April 23, 2013 – One of the most consistent trends within the travel industry has been travel agents moving away from storefront agencies to work at home.  Travel Experts is at the forefront of this trend, by providing independent, home-based, agents the tools to succeed.

“Working from home has become the trend in travel, it lightens the overhead and allows quality travel advisors to keep working with their clients,” said Holly Rabel, owner of Ship + Shore Travel Agency, an agency whose agents recently joined with Travel Experts to become independent contractors.  “When our agents decided it was time to move their offices back home, we looked at several other host agencies and all agreed that Travel Experts had the best resources. This way, our agents are still working, still providing quality travel experiences for people, but they are doing it independently.  It works out well for everyone.”

The story of Ship + Shore is a familiar one in the travel industry.  For years, the storefront agency would attract travelers into their offices right off the street.  These days, according to Ms. Rabel, this is not the case.  Now, when travelers come in off the street they want bargain deals rather than the true, rich travel experience a seasoned travel advisor can provide.  Ms. Rabel states that it just makes more financial sense to set up an agency at home, instead.

“Bringing the Ship + Shore advisors into the fold just made sense for us because they are exactly the kind of experts we’re looking for,” said Susan Ferrell, president of Travel Experts.  “We felt that the agents there were an excellent fit within our host agency platform.  Each of them had roughly 25 years experience in the industry and that experience matched perfectly.  The travel advisors bring the clientele, the expertise and experience, and we provide the rest of the details.”

“Travel Experts’ association with Virtuoso was also a big consideration,” concluded Ms. Rabel.  “It added that next level of professionalism that our advisors were seeking.  In the end, this decision is the best for all of us and means that we can continue to provide great travel experiences for our customers.”

About Travel Experts

Travel Experts, Inc. was established in 1989 as a pioneering host agency, designed to support and promote the businesses of independent agents around the country.  Their independents represent some of the most experienced, most productive, most highly motivated movers and shakers in the business.  Travel Experts is also a proud member of Virtuoso, giving their agents access to exclusive, added-value arrangements with top travel providers, including the world’s finest luxury hotels and resorts, cruise lines, tour operators and ground operators.  For more information, call 800-274-2544 or contact Travel Experts via email at  Further details about Travel Experts are also available on the web at



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