Travel Experts, Inc. Revenue Increased 22% in 2010 over 2009: 21% More Independent Contractors Added to Membership in 2010

RALEIGH, NC – January 5, 2011 –Travel Experts, a top five Virtuoso agency, has increased their sales by 22% in 2010 over 2009.  This includes all of the products and services that Travel Experts has to offer, including their Virtuoso product line.  They have also expanded their membership of independent contractors by 21% over the past year, with both agents who have been in travel for dozens of years and others who have come in from other industries.  Travel Experts currently has a membership of more than 200 independent contractors.

In addition, the Travel Experts leadership team has been tracking a few trends that will impact business in 2011.  In general, travelers are now booking their trips earlier than they previously did, and they’ve also seen a dramatic increase in luxury cruise bookings and luxury properties.

“2010 was a banner year for nearly all of our independent contractors, and we’re honored to be a part of their success as they have chosen us as their host agency,” said Susan Ferrell, president of Travel Experts, Inc.  “The Travel Experts team is not only successful financially, but they also continue to share their success with others by volunteering their time, talents and resources within their local communities and the travel industry at large.”

 About Travel Experts

Travel Experts, Inc. was established in 1989 as a pioneering host agency, designed to support and promote the businesses of independent agents around the country.  Their independents represent some of the most experienced, most productive, most highly motivated movers and shakers in the business.  Travel Experts is also a proud member of Virtuoso, giving their agents access to exclusive, added-value arrangements with top travel providers, including the world’s finest luxury hotels and resorts, cruise lines, tour operators and ground operators.  For more information, call 800-274-2544 or contact Travel Experts via email at  Further details about Travel Experts are also available on the web at


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