WESTA Selects Magellan360 as Preferred Provider

May 31, 2006, Glen Ellyn, IL- Magellan360 has been named a preferred provider by WESTA.  WESTA, or the Western Association of Travel Agencies, is a large group of agencies on the West Coast and Hawaii, and several WESTA agencies have already signed with Magellan360.  Magellan360’s innovative and user friendly way of fulfilling travel agency needs is drawing travel agencies and co-ops from all over the country.


“In order to drive GDS reservations as efficiently as possible, many small to mid-size agencies should give outsourcing their ticketing and ARC reconciliation to a third-party, some serious consideration,” stated Mike Estill, General Manager of WESTA. “For many agencies, outsourcing just makes good business sense.  We’ve partnered with Magellan360 to provide WESTA agencies with a better way to drive airline tickets.  Magellan360 has a service-centered business philosophy and is able to manage the GDS and ARC details which allows our WESTA members to focus on their clients and selling travel.”


As the travel industry continues to evolve, it is making more and more sense to team up with a fulfillment center like Magellan360.  Magellan360’s GDS access, personable service and unique pricing system make them a prime choice for agency support needs. 


“With the implementation of service fees, travel agencies are able to make money driving airline tickets a part of the larger scope of travel services that they provide to their customers, and we’re happy to give WESTA agencies the ability to drive tickets cost effectively,” said Scott Ahlsmith CTC, President of Magellan360. “WESTA is an industry-leading group of agencies. We have had the honor to begin servicing a few WESTA agencies already and we are pleased to be a preferred WESTA provider.”


About Magellan Travel Group:

Magellan Travel Group serves the needs of travel professionals in three ways:

  • Magellan360 provides home-based agent support including ticket processing and fulfillment
  • Magellan Travel Technologies offers the latest in technology solutions such as the Magellan Cruise Navigator, and
  • eSmart Communications Marketing services includes travel agency branding solutions such as the newly released “You! The Brand” package.

More information about Magellan360 and other Magellan Travel Group companies is available by calling (800) 360-6208 or by visiting www.magellan360.com.


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