Ya’lla Tours USA Releases 2011 Brochures: Information for Greece, Turkey, Israel and Jordan Will Be Sent to Travel Agents throughout the United States

Portland, OR – November 30, 2010 – Ya’lla Tours USA has announced that the 2011 brochures for their tour packages have gone to press and will be sent to travel agents across the country.  Ya’lla’s reputation is in providing travelers with once-in-a-lifetime vacations and trips to some of the most ancient, beautiful and historic locations in the world.  The new brochures present all the tour offerings for a given country combined with compelling imagery from each destination.   

The brochures are useful to agents selling the tours because they provide them with colorful, client-inspiring materials that will help them land the sale.  Bright colorful photographs showcasing some of the important sites and images from each country dominate the pages and can be prominently displayed to help attract clients and showcase the travel agency’s scope of offerings.  Complete day-by-day detail is available on the Ya’lla website.   

“Our brochures provide a snapshot of life in the locations where we provide our tours,” said Ronen Paldi, president of Ya’lla Tours USA.  “Each brochure is different and really shows the diversity from one destination to the next.  The brochures showcase just how exciting and unique our tours are by combining fascinating photos and images with the tour information.”  

The Greece, Turkey, Israel and Jordan brochures have been printed and will soon be mailed to travel agents across the United States.  Agents may notice that the cost of the trips increased slightly from 2010 however, despite the increase in travel costs, it is generally no more than 5%. 

For more information, or to request a brochure, visit Ya’lla Tours USA’s website at www.yallatours.com, call them at 1-800-644-1595 or email them at information@yallatours.com.   

About Ya’lla Tours USAFounded in 1993, Ya’lla Tours USA delivers life-changing travel experiences in many exotic Mediterranean destinations such as Egypt, Morocco, Israel, Turkey, Jordan and Greece.  More information on Ya’lla, which means “let’s go” in Hebrew and Arabic, is available at www.yalllatours.com or by calling 800 644 1595.


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