Ya’lla Tours USA Showcases the New Egypt with Successful Fam Trip: Event Ends with Meeting with Egyptian Press in Cairo

Cairo, Egypt – May 23, 2011 – As part of their efforts to boost Egyptian tourism, Ya’lla Tours USA operated an executive fam trip, May 6-15. Twenty-four travel agents and journalists from the U.S. and Canada traveled throughout Egypt, touring Cairo, Luxor, Abu Simbel and cruising the Nile. On May 14, the final full day of the trip, Ya’lla Tours President Ronen Paldi conducted a 9-hour seminar devoted entirely to discussing how the fam participants will use their first-hand experiences in the new Egypt to bring tourists back to the country.

“The trip was exceptional,” said Lisa Haskell, owner of Farnum & Christ Travel, who went on the trip.  “It was very gutsy for Ya’lla to move ahead with their Egypt plans when so many other operators were pulling back.  It’s an important time for Egypt and the only way democracy will really hold is by putting tourism dollars into the economy.”

“Now it absolutely the time to visit Egypt for anyone who loves history,” said Bob Kleppick, owner of Global Pathfinders Travel, who also went on the trip.  “If you really love history and want a chance to see it up close, this is the time to visit Egypt.  You can really get up close to some of the most famous historical monuments on the planet.”

The highlight of the event was when Mr. Paldi met for two hours on May 15 in Cairo with a group of senior travel journalists from major newspapers, TV and online magazines in Egypt.   The press meeting was arranged by the Egyptian Tourist Authority in order to discuss the current state of tourism to Egypt and the efforts of Ya’lla Tours to rebuild confidence in Egypt as a tourism destination.

Also present were two young women who participated in the Tahrir Square demonstrations which brought down President Hosni Mubarak in February of this year. “The women spoke passionately about their country, the situation of woman in Egypt, and their personal experiences and actions during the revolution,” said Mr. Paldi. “The entire group was moved and inspired by their stories.”

Representatives from the Egyptian Tourist Authority were also present at the fam seminar. The ETA expressed gratitude to Ya’lla Tours for quickly organizing the fam trip in order to help revive the tourism sector, so vital to the Egyptian economy.

“Right now you can get what I am calling the ‘Egyptian Trifecta,’” said James Pierce, owner of Cruise & Tour Center, another trip attendee.  “You get lower tour and hotel prices, you get exclusivity to the best exhibits and you get heightened security since everyone there is taking the public perception of safety into account.”

“It is amazing to be in a country that is 5,000 years old and yet brand new at the same time,” said Louise Bird, consultant at Colonial Travel.  “This trip was a highlight in my life and the Egyptian people really need our support to sustain their quest for freedom.”


About Ya’lla Tours USA

Founded in 1993, Ya’lla Tours USA delivers life-changing  travel experiences in many exotic Mediterranean destinations such as Egypt, Morocco, Israel, Turkey, Jordan and Greece.  More information on Ya’lla, which means “let’s go” in Hebrew and Arabic, is available at www.yallatours.com or by calling 800 644 1595.

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